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Frequently Asked Questions

Training is it onsite or in centre ?

Our Training service offers both on-site and in-centre training courses. Our on-site training allows us to bring our expertise to your business, while our in-centre training provides you with a comfortable and professional learning environment. With our comprehensive training program, you can be sure to find the perfect course for your needs.

Training is it Free ?

We do not offer free Training or government funded


What is the accrediting body ?

At All About Training Ltd, we provide a wide range of training courses for individuals and businesses. We are proud to be affiliated with ITSSAR, the UK's leading accrediting body for health and safety training, meaning that our courses meet the highest standards of safety.

We offer a wide range of courses, from basic health and safety to more complex areas such as manual handling. Our experienced trainers are passionate about helping people learn and do their best, and we're committed to providing the best possible training experience.

Is it a guaranteed pass ?

Guaranteed content taught to a high quality

All About Training Ltd provides high-quality training that is tailored to your needs. Our experienced tutors will make sure you get the most out of your training giving you the best chance of success. We guarantee that all of the content is taught to the highest standards.

How is payment taken ?

Payment for training courses must be taken before the training begins. We accept payments by credit card, bank transfer,  or PayPal. If you'd like to use a different payment method, please contact us to discuss.

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